Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Do You Need To Drive "An Avalanche Of Traffic" To Your Website?

Actually, no you don't. Now relax, be calm, I know that may be a shocking statement to make but if you consider the following points, you will realize that it is perfectly true.

Consider this question. Which would you prefer for your website or blog, 5000 visitors a day averaging 3 sales per week, or 100 visitors per day averaging 1 sale per day? Hopefully you prefer the second option, if not then perhaps this article will help to change your mind.

You already know that every website needs traffic. But there are different types of traffic. Imagine if your website is getting 5000 visits a day and 3 sales per week, this would mean two things. Firstly you have done well promoting your site and you have been successful in attracting a good deal of attention. Secondly you have been promoting your website in the wrong places and you have attracted the wrong sort of attention.

There are two types of traffic. Targeted and un-targeted. When a website receives a lot of traffic but the visitors are not doing what the webmaster needs them to do it often means that the traffic is un-targeted and that is not the sort of traffic you want for your site. Un-targeted simply means that the visitors are not particularly interested in your products and services, they are merely browsing. So the high numbers in your tracking software are really irrelevant. Targeted, means that your visitors are actively looking for your products.

It is not always enough to get people to your website; they must be people that have an interest in what ever you are offering. Therefore it would not make any sense to promote your 'acne treatment site' on a forum for retirees. The chances of a retired person suffering from acne are pretty low. It may sound like simple ABC but you would be surprised how many marketers are making this simple mistake. You must put your product in front of people who want what you have.

Therefore you must spend some time doing keyword research to find out how your potential customers are searching for the products they want. If you find out what keywords and phrases are being used you can optimize your website accordingly so that yours is the site they find when using search engines. Goodkeywords.com will help you search for high performing keywords or you could also use Google Labs.

Do not become obsessed with driving an 'Avalanche Of Traffic' to your site, instead spend quality time looking for visitors who want and need you. Researching your keywords, optimizing your website and attracting targeted traffic are the key elements for success.

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