Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A Ridiculously Simple Way To Make Easy Money Online - Even If You're Dead Broke!

I'm going to show you today a fool-proof system to making money online. In fact, you could be seeing money in your account within minutes.

As you may know, forums are a great way to get free traffic. Many entrepreneurs have reported that they have used forums to jumpstart their businesses and make their thousands or even millions online.

There are two ways to profit from forums:

1) Advertise your affiliate link or your own business

2) Gain backlinks so the search engines will fall in love with your site

This is all done through the simple, innocuous signature at the bottom of your posts. You can easily post 500 posts a day on a topic related to your choice and promote your affiliate link or gain backlinks. If you don't see results, I'll be baffled.

Here's how it's done...

You find forums related to your niche. You set up a signature in your control panel (this is pretty easy to do). If it's for your affiliate link, it needs to be enticing. Have a strong headline and a call to action. Bold it or decorate your signature with Italics. If it's for gaining backlinks, getting the link in there will suffice.

Do note however that you need to post relevant and useful content. Don't ever spam the forums; you'll only get yourself kicked out. Ask useful questions and try to build a rapport with some of the members. This will make your time in the forum more useful and entertaining. It's a way of killing two birds with one stone.


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