Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bluetec Technology

We all appreciate what Mercedes Benz have offered its customers over
the years, and because of these specifications it has brought the
consumers back with their hats off to one of the most beautifully designed
cars of our time. Now if we thought that there was nothing else Mercedes
Benz could do, they just topped the cake with a cherry with the latest
bluetec technology.

This ground-breaking technology undoubtedly cuts the diesel emissions
down, and this makes the vehicles the cleanest diesel cars on any part
of the planet and in any category. This allows the diesel vehicles of
Mercedes to meet the strictest emission standards in the world. The air
pollution concerning the world caused by emissions from vehicles, and
the constant rising of fuel prices makes the Gelber Engel (Yellow Angel)
Award given to Mercedes Benz for Innovation extremely important.

With Bluetec Technology a number of measures are combined. These are
the engine modifications, and this reduces any untreated emissions and
the exhaust gas after a treatment services. With Bluetec Technology fuel
consumption is reduced by 20%-40% and this is comparing them to many of
the other vehicles. This also improves the range, the pulling power and
the economy of the vehicles.

Apart from the Bluetec Technology, the night-view system assisting the
Mercedes Benz has also been recognized in the award contest for
Innovation. With the mentioned night system drivers' vision is extended at
night with the help of an infrared camera and infrared beams.

This is a true addition to green cars, and with the technology from
Bluetec Mercedes Benz has made this possible. Air pollution from the
emissions of most vehicles on the roads today, Mercedes has proved to be
most popular when it comes to being nature-friendly.

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