Saturday, May 26, 2007

The ABC's of Free and Almost Free Internet Advertising

Are you trying to get the word out on the internet about your business but you have limited or no advertising funds? Try some of these ideas to get
yourself and your business noticed.

Articles- writing articles is my favorite method of free online advertising. You can create as many as you want and create a ton of links to your site. If you do a good job, you can also get them published in Ezines and create even more publicity for yourself.

Blogs- this is my second favorite method. Google loves these and they provide another way to market yourself, and offer fresh content and a way for others to provide comments.

Content- as they say on the internet, content is king. You absolutely must have useful and interesting content on your website or you might as well not bother.

Domain names- although not free, they are really cheap and having more than one gives people more than one way to find you.

Email- email is free and as long as you use it correctly and remember to include a signature line with your link to your website it can generate quite a bit of business for you.

Forums- there are thousands of these online on any topic you can imagine and actively participating in these on a regular basis will help grow your business.

Google- Google has many free tools you can use to build your business such as google adsense, google address book, site mapping and much much more.

Link exchanges- if done correctly, these can produce great results. The big secret is to exchange links only with sites which complement yours but which do not compete and to limit the number of links.

Niche marketing- target your marketing to specific niches. You can even create different websites targeted at different segments of the population.

Online contest- run a free drawing or contest with questions and watch people flock to your site.

Product swaps- consider finding companies who are interested in swapping either advertising or products.

Squidoo- this site rocks. Google loves it and so do I. You can create lenses which are part blog and part social bookmarking on any topic you want and drive traffic to your website.

Tv stations- often their websites offer some of the best free classifieds and forums around.

Yahoo instant messaging. This is free and you can make all kinds of contacts this way.


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