Monday, May 7, 2007

6 Automated Computer Tasks to Make Life Easier

To access the Windows Task Scheduler, simply click Start > Run and type "control schedtasks". Then you'll be able to automate the following tasks:

1. Virus Scan

Click "Add Scheduled Task". If your virus program doesn't show up in the provided list, browse and find the .exe file that runs your virus scanning program and click OK. You can then set up a frequency for the scan to run. This allows for regular virus scanning and more prevention against getting viruses.

2. Spyware Scan

Click "Add Scheduled Task". Browse and find the .exe file that runs your spyware scanning program (Spybot, Ad-Aware, etc). You can again set up a frequency to regularly scan for spyware.

3. Disk Cleanup

Click "Add Scheduled Task". In the list provided, Disk Cleanup should appear. Select it and click Ok. By running disk cleanup, you can remove temporary files, internet history, exe. Another program that is good for this is CCleaner.

4. Disk Defragmenter

Click "Add Scheduled Task". Browse to C:Windows/System 32/defrag.exe. Click Ok. This will allow you to schedule the frequency for Disk Defragmenter to run and optimize computer performance.

5. Windows Update

Click "Add Scheduled Task". Select Windows Update from the provided list. Click Ok. Once you set the frequency, Windows update will run at the selected times, increasing your likelihood of getting important updates.

6. Computer Shutdown

Click "Add Scheduled Task". Browse to "%SystemRoot%System32" . Select "shutdown.exe". Set the frequency and provide the username and password. After clicking Next, make sure you click the "Open Advanced Properties" checkbox before clicking finish. The following should be added as a parameter for shutting down the machine:

shutdown.exe -s -t 00

That's all to it! You can now save a few dollars on your electric bill.

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burnie said...

Got McAfee, Adaware n Spybot, run CCleaner, Diskeeper automatic defrag on my system. Keeps it in good shape!