Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Million Dollar Internet Marketing Jester - Charm Your Way To Unlimited Riches

To make a splash in the Internet Marketing world requires that you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Most marketers will just take the standard marketing material issued by the product creator and republish it on their website or blog.

A prospect visiting the one of these websites (which looks like a replica of any one of the hundreds of similar websites using the exact same marketing material...) will likely buy from one of them at random. That is, unless a particular one stands out and catches attention.

One way of creating such focus is to become an Internet Marketing jester.

You may think of a jester, as a fool or clown, found in medieval courts. They were usually occupied with entertaining the King.

I am certainly not asking you to make a fool of yourself. Rather, I am asking you to pick up the positive elements of the jester.

The first lesson about being an Internet Marketing jester is that your marketing efforts should be focused on entertaining your prospects. If you can catch your audiences' attention and be amusing, you would have succeeded.

Humor and fun are the key to our friendship centers. We have fun with people whose company we enjoy. If a prospect has 'fun' reading your material and is entertained, they are more predisposed to buy from you.

The Internet Marketer who has developed the identity of the obnoxious Rich Jerk (with his sarcastic and grotesquely funny emails) embodies this principle. He has created an entertaining character, while obnoxious nonetheless captures your attention and forces you to read his entire email. As a result, he converts his leads into customers.

Let's look at the 3 crucial elements of being a successful Internet Marketing jester.

  • Entertaining
You have to communicate with your audience in an entertaining manner.If everyone else is communicating in a very factual, informative manner, you to do the exact opposite and look for the fun elements in your communication.

This involves using some critical thinking skills to consider how the product can be used and what it can be used for. If you able to highlight non-traditional or innovative uses of the product, you will stand out from the crowd.

For example, take an everyday object, such as an umbrella. Most people will use an umbrella to shield themselves from the sun or the rain, keeping away all the harsh weather elements.

What if you developed a bullet-proof umbrella and marketed it as a indispensable aid in tough neighbourhoods. By sheer novelty value alone, you would be able to close several sales. What's important is that people will remember your product, and they will remember your name too. The best part about this is that you will be able to charge a premium for it!

Likewise, position your marketing campaigns so that you stand out from everyone else in the market. Be like a rainbow-hued zebra in a crowd of black-and-white zebras.

  • Humor as a disguise
In ancient times, jesters could poke fun at almost everybody in the court, including the king under the guise of humor. They could pass off these personal stabs as jokes.Likewise, you can target communications to your prospects to suggest that they would be foolish not to buy the product.By using a subtle appeal you be less confrontational than marketers using direct appeals and the same time, you get your message across effectively.

When mastered, this technique can be powerful and brutally effective.

  • Personality
The biggest advantage of the jester identity is that it centers around yourself.

When launching a marketing campaign, people will be attracted by the fact that YOU are the one that is spearheading the campaign and the product or service is merely one of your recommendations.

In this way, you can create a strong brand. People will buy the product of your recommendation, obviously because it is good, but even more so because YOU recommended it.

In this way, you become a spokesperson for your own brand. If successful, a community will form around you, which looks up to you as the opinion leader.

This is a highly desirable position because it means you can influence a large mass of people with your personal brand.

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