Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Will Green Peace Go After Microsoft Like they Attacked Apple Computers?

If Microsoft moves towards web based software applications, then so too will Google and others. Yet in doing so this might get many people to ditch their computers for newer versions. This worries some environmentalists and perhaps you might recall the environmental groups attacked Apple Computers in the media recently calling them evil.

If computers become inexpensive will they become disposable, some say yes? If so will they fill up the junk yards? I guess now that Apple settled with the angry ELF, Sierra Club, Green Peace environmental hypocrites (that was opinion - duly noted), that might be a play against Google and Microsoft. Although remember that Microsoft is partnered with companies like Dell and HP and remember both those companies are hot on the environmental trail too.

Besides, Microsoft does not make computers, they make software and think of all the CD ROM Jewel Cases that will not be thrown out, or all the Computer Manuals also online? Think of all the Trees that are no longer cut down due to Gate's concept of the Digital Nervous system?

Now if the Government would follow his lead, think how many trees will be saved then? Microsoft has very smart people, such an attack by environmentalists would bounce off and give them a reason to come out smelling like a rose on the Vista looking out the Window to the world. As for Google, it would be hard to accuse them of being anti-environmental.

Will used computers, Screens, keyboards, USB ports, mouses and touch pads be littered across the beaches of the world? My gosh that was some harsh imagery. Well, please, kids can use all these parts to make robots. And recycling can be the same as mining. Right now you cannot walk on many beaches due to beer bottles, paper products, plastic garbage or flying toilets in some places already. Think about it.

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