Friday, May 18, 2007

Internet Marketing - Beginner Fundamentals IV

Internet marketing is not that different from any other home based business. The most tangible challenge is to start. We prepare ourselves for starting by reading ebooks, going to live meetings, listening to CD's, watching DVD's, watching video online, getting ready to get ready. All this focus on education and training is great but absolutely nothing will happen until you take some action. Many of my friends have spent thousands of dollars getting ready, few of them have actually taken action.

Now I am going to borrow from Mark Joyner here a bit. By taking action I mean focused targeted action. Bringing the fives laws of Simpleology into play, the scientific formula for success and all 3 sources of power. If you do not know what I am talking about, then head over to and sign up for the simpleology 101 which is free and helps one gets not only organized but focused and productive.

For the brand new internet marketer, there seems to be an overwhelmingly large number of things which he must master immediately. Depending on whose advice he follows, he could easily spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars before he even tries to make his first sale. There are a large number of gurus who will tell you that they have the perfect X. Most of them are overpriced and incomplete. In my opinion there is one which stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Ewen Chia is a very successful internet marketer. Like most he did not start out successful but through perseverance and hard work he now is one of the best and most successful. He is strongly of the opinion that the simplest way to grow his business is to train other marketers to be successful. This is not a charity venture. He teaches people to find success at internet marketing while marketing his starter product - The Secret Affiliate Weapon. No one must market this product, but he makes it very tempting for new marketers. He provides numerous quick start, overview, and how to guides on all the subjects necessary for all successful marketing campaigns:

  • market research, product research, keyword research
  • web site creation and design including lead capture pages
  • traffic techniques both free and paid, google adwords,
  • list building techniques
  • special techniques like thank you page strategies, ppc strategies copy writing strategies, affiliate recruitment strategies,
  • and much more

He uses SAW as his example often as he demonstrates the who, what, why, where and how of the various concepts and strategies. Then in addition to his generic training he provides the tools necessary to market SAW specifically. He provides:

  • sample solo ads for ezines
  • sample emails for your optin list
  • ppc ads
  • keywords for ppc campaigns
  • keywords for article campaigns
  • lead capture page
  • sales letter
  • autoresponder email messages
  • two ebooks branded with your information
  • 4 module video series about web creation again branded with your information,
  • and much more.

In summary, he tells you how to do it for any affiliate program or your own product. Then he gives you all the tools necessary to do it for his membership program - Secret Affiliate Weapon. One would think that a one time fee to this membership program would be a least $100, if not more. I see much less comprehensive programs in my inbox monthly for $47, $97 even $197 dollars. I am not trying to be a smartaxx here, but his price of $9.97 is ridiculous in consideration of what he delivers. That one reason why he is consistently ranked near the top in popularity at Clickbank every month and it is why his organization continues to grow.

Someone smarter than me said that if you want to get what you desire, show everyone else how to get what they desire. Ewen must have been listening. Every new internet marketer I have met wants to make some sales. If they promote Secret Affiliate Weapon for Ewen, then their first sale is a no brainer at the price of $9.97.

Again, take action if you want something to happen in your internet marketing business. Ewen Chia is one source of information. He is also a means by which one could start a customer list. Take action or nothing can happen.

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