Sunday, May 6, 2007

Holographic Projection Technologies and Political Outcry on Pornography

We see in the media that many politicians and religious groups are completely fed up with the violence, vulgar language and pornography in video games, on TV and on the radio. In fact, the Federal Communication Commission has been hot on the trail trying to alleviate some of this anger. Many congressmen, senators and even presidential hopefuls have used this as a campaign issue as they stand on the podium and tell us how they will solve the world's problems.

What about the next technology wave of the future? What about holographic projection technologies, surely these will be used for such things as pornography? Will we see more political outcry? This potential problem should be easy to see in the future for instance there is the darker side to such things - Holographic Adult Entertainment, which ought to bring in quite a few dollars to the infamous porn industry.

Holographic projection technologies will be used in these dastardly endeavors and will probably also be used in advertising, as the Entertainment Turns into Advertising? Nevertheless folks want their entertainment and they are willing to pay for that desire. Should we set up regulations now to prevent holographic technology from being used by the pornography industry or will demand be so high there is no way to stop?

Who is to say that we should make laws against what someone may do in their own home and yet we know that this causes problems in our society and that pornography is also considered an addiction by many psychologists. And what about consenting adults with long-distance holographic phone sex - surely it will be used for that as well. Should we prevent it before it starts? Should we make regulations against the technology which is not even on the market yet?

Many mothers and church groups believe that we should do something before we have the big problem, like we did with videogames. The question is; you are a voter also and so we should ask you - what do you think we should do? We know there is always big money available for Research and Development of any technology that has a killer entertainment application. From Xbox to the new iPods, we have seen this technology trend for decades. The future should be obvious and there are some things we will not be able to stop, should we give it a try anyway?

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