Tuesday, May 29, 2007

How To Make a AI Software Program Look Like an Online Forum Participant

Some very smart folks at one University have developed artificial intelligent computers which are able to communicate with humans in online forums and the people in the forum do not even realize that the computers are not actual people. Pretty cool isn't it or do you think this is scary that someone would do this to try to trick you.

Well, the computers can communicate with people and unsuspecting folks may converse back with them for a few posts, but generally they get tired of the mirroring techniques. So although the people may not realize it is an artificial intelligent computer they get bored pretty fast. This is why more work needs to be done with Artificial Intelligent software programmers, because these systems are not good enough yet.

Sure it is a novelty and pretty cool technology when you think about it, yet it is also very silly if you think about it. If the humans get bored with it too quickly then it becomes highly ineffectual. How can we make these systems better? Right now they respond by asking questions, but in highly creative thought they cannot perform, because they never are able to answer the questions or produce relevant new information. They can't think.

If you find a person on a forum who cannot think, chances are they are not an artificial intelligent computer but, really eventually the same thing will happen, you will lose interest and leave. Dumb people and dumb artificial intelligent computers are quite similar and I would challenge the programmers to do better than this and the rest of the world to learn to think? How is that for advice on this fine day?

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