Thursday, May 31, 2007

Internet Business Working From Home Online

Everyone's dream is to work from home online in their own
business but most won't learn the actions to take to get
started. If you are serious about making supplement money or
some insane amount of money from home part time, by starting
your own internet business from home online could be the answer
for you.

Starting your own Internet business from home online, you are
doing a very simple yet important thing - you are taking charge
of your financial future. It takes a lot of courage to do so,
and you may feel uncomfortable not having a regular paycheck
from your boss but it will take away the uncertainty of the
unstable job you may have today. However, if you are serious
about fulfilling your financial dreams, you need to start your
own internet business venture, or otherwise you will be stuck in
your job making your bosses' dreams come true for the rest of
your life.

Now there's nothing wrong working for someone else. In today's
work market it can be a task in itself - not everyone has a job.
However, being stuck in a job that doesn't interests you,
doesn't helps you grow personally or pays you what you need to
survive, than you may have a problem. Basically, you will be
making a trade-off between developing yourself and the paychecks
you feel you deserve or desire.

How does one break free of the rut? By trying something new,
something exciting, and something fresh in your life! There's an
old aphorism that says that "variety is the spice of life", and
that's very true. If you long wanted to start your own internet
business from home, do it today! Starting a home internet
business is easy, and by working online from home you will begin
to experience the thrill of working for yourself. The great
thing about this is you will get self satisfaction by earning
the money for yourself by yourself.

Now working for yourself, you will get a new excitement and it
will give you a new lease on life. After many years of making my
bosses financial dreams come true, it has been nice to apply the
skills and talents to make your financial dreams come true? When
you own your home internet business working online, you will
have complete control of your time which will give you complete
control of your life. You know, we only live once in life, we
all want to enjoy life, so don't you think it is time to start
living your life in the way you want it? Start your own internet
business working from home online today!

8 Reasons to Check Out a Tablet PC

So you've decided to buy a new laptop PC. It makes sense. After all, prices are down, features are up, and now you can get an affordable model that offers power, mobility, and a long-life battery in a package that weighs only a few pounds.

There is, however, an alternative. The lightweight Tablet PC, a fully equipped PC the size of a letter-sized notepad, is worth checking out. For the same price as a top-range laptop, you will get everything a notebook PC has to offer and more.

Specifically, it is a more convenient size, has a pen-activated screen, and is easier to use at meetings and while travelling. It offers Microsoft's most advanced operating system to date and allows you to run any Windows XP-compatible applications.

Best of all, it enables you to edit documents and send email messages in your own handwriting, and translate most handwriting into text. Included is a feature to help decipher bad handwriting (for really bad handwriting, maybe you should stick to typing). Some models also have voice-recognition input capabilities.

For Road Warriors and Meeting Hounds Granted, not everybody is going to want a Tablet PC. Some will lament the cost now that laptop prices are coming down. Others won't like a smaller keyboard. Still others may have little use for digital penmanship, or the increased mobility.

But "road warriors" and "corridor warriors" - people ensconced in meetings most of the time - are prime candidates for Tablet PCs. So are students, salespeople, doctors and other health-care workers, architects, engineers, researchers and others who need an easy-to-operate, easy-to-transport PC.

"I've sat through a number of product demos, and I find it to be quite impressive," says Alan Promisel, a research analyst at IDC. "It's really pretty cool. And it will make some people's jobs easier." He adds that Microsoft's handwriting recognition technology - a key ingredient of the Tablet PC - has made "enormous leaps and bounds" with this offering and will continue to improve.

'Convertible' and 'Slate' Models The Tablet PC comes in two basic designs - "convertible," a tablet-sized screen with an integrated keyboard that you can fold over like a notebook PC, and "slate," where the screen is detached from the keyboard and can be hooked together at a docking station.

Tablets are being manufactured by major companies such as Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu, Toshiba and Acer, and run on Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system. You don't need specialised software - Office and any applications you use with Windows XP will work on a Tablet PC.

Why do I think a Tablet PC is worth checking out?

1. It will run Microsoft's most advanced operating system to date. Windows XP Tablet PC is actually a superset of Windows XP Professional, with the power and capabilities of XP, plus additional features to allow "pen-based computing." More on that in No. 2.

2. It will extend the way you use a PC. You can still type your notes and text, and use the internet the way you would a notebook or desktop PC. But with pen-based computing, you can incorporate digitised pen-and-paper into the PC experience. Using a special digital pen that comes with it, and the Tablet PC's input panel utility (which is like a keyboard on the screen), you can write directly on the screen and save notes in your handwriting or convert them to typed text. Your digital pen can take the place of a mouse and keyboard If you wish.

3. You can take all your notes electronically. The Windows XP Tablet PC Edition comes with a note-taking utility called the Microsoft Windows Journal. With it you can create and organise handwritten notes. Notes, diagrams and drawings - all that you would normally create with pen and paper - are captured and stored in the Windows Journal. The Tablet PC's advanced handwriting recognition technology allows you to search your notes quickly to find what you need.

4. You can work from anywhere, and you won't disrupt meetings. Some companies prohibit or discourage people from using notebook PCs in meetings. Why? Because the laptop screen creates a barrier of sorts between the user and the speaker. You lose eye contact while you're plunking away on keys. By using a pen and a letter-size screen (with the keyboard folding over), a meeting participant can maintain normal eye contact and still take notes at a meeting. Meanwhile, the same mobility and wireless capability that a laptop provides enables Tablet PC users to work in coffee shops, in class, on planes and in hotel rooms.

5. The Tablet PC can be your primary PC. Remember, it's a fully equipped PC, not a PDA, so you don't have to synchronise it with your desktop PC.

6. You can collaborate with co-workers effectively. You can apply your digital penmanship to core Office applications. For example, you can add handwritten comments or draw pictures in Microsoft Word documents, emphasize key points in PowerPoint presentations, write and send handwritten emails through Outlook - and share handwritten documents with other PC users.

7. You can personalise. Tablet and pen settings allow you to customise your Tablet PC for left- or right-handed operation, and to program buttons to complete a variety of tasks

8. Your data is encrypted and protected. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition offers all of the protection features of Windows XP Professional, including the Encrypting File System security feature and access control.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Three Simple Steps For Effective Marketing

The internet is a great means of advertising your product or business opportunity potentially to thousands of others. One of the things we need to remember is that we are marketing to strangers and our goal is to turn them into customers and business partners.

With this in mind you want your marketing to stand out from the rest, and let the reader know how you can help them. Think of your potential prospect and what they are looking for. People join network marketing companies to make money, so your emphasis should be on how you and perhaps the team you work with can help them accomplish this.

We need to market ourselves first!

There are so many affiliate programs and MLMs that give their reps free replicated web sites. Somewhere you may see in small print "presented by Jane Doe" but there is nothing to differentiate between her site and the countless others around.

It's important to have your own splash page and to tell prospective customers or distributors how you can help them. Nearly everyone who joins a business does so to make money, explain to the reader how you and the team you work with can help them accomplish this, so they know why they should sign up with you and not one of the hundreds or thousands of others who are in the same program as you.

Not only that, but you need an opt in page with autoresponder so you can follow up with your leads. Otherwise unless a person bookmarks your site you have lost that person forever. Remember people seldom buy or join on first exposure.

You may think you have the best product since sliced bread, or the best compensation plan in MLM, or your company may be growing at an incredible rate and be debt free. While the prospect may want to know these things, it isn't the first thing on his or her mind.

It's how you can help them make money.

Be original in your advertising as well and don't just do a copy and paste ad. Those ones are easy to spot.

So the three steps are have your own splash page, an opt in and an autoresponder attached to it, and see the difference it makes.

By marketing ourselves first we will be much more likely to find serious prospects for our business and turn them into our customers and business partners.

Prevent and Get Rid of Spyware Now

The best way to get rid of spyware is not to get it in the first place. To avoid getting spyware on your computer, beware of certain kinds of sites. Peer to peer (P2P) is almost a guarantee for getting spyware. You think you're downloading your favorite band's new song, but you don't know what is attached to that. Porn sites are loaded with spyware and adware; beware of what you're viewing and what you're getting because of it.

Certain browsers are more susceptible to spyware than others. Because internet explorer (IE) is the most used internet browser, it is the most targeted for spyware. Vulnerabilities and unpatched security holes can allow spyware to infiltrate your system without your knowledge. Use Firefox instead as it is more secure and has plug-ins designed to eliminate spyware sneaking in.

Email is another way to leave your system open to spyware. Double check who the sender is and never click on open attachments. If it looks like spam, don't bother opening it. If you open some spyware it might send it to your whole address book so make sure to check your emails before opening them.

Beware of the free software you're downloading. A comment trick spyware distributors use is linking it with free software. Never download anything unless you need it and know the source is good and well trusted.
A lot of spyware programs are offered using annoying pop-ups that end up in your face. Take the time to download a pop-up blocker and rid yourself of both the annoyance and the possible danger.

Once you have spyware, your computer will be much slower. Spyware uses hard drive space to run on so a slow computer is often a sign that you have spyware. If you're having lots of annoying pop-ups (more than usual), you may have a problem with spyware. If strange new sites come up in your favorites or your default settings are changed, that is a clear warning. If you have any of these symptoms or several of them, you should definitely be wary of a spyware problem.

Get spyware software from a trusted site and scan your computer every couple weeks. Some programs work by blocking the spyware from installing on your computer. Others work by scanning your computer every day, week, or month and erasing the spyware already installed. Whichever method you choose, still use precautions while surfing the net to avoid spyware altogether.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

How To Make a AI Software Program Look Like an Online Forum Participant

Some very smart folks at one University have developed artificial intelligent computers which are able to communicate with humans in online forums and the people in the forum do not even realize that the computers are not actual people. Pretty cool isn't it or do you think this is scary that someone would do this to try to trick you.

Well, the computers can communicate with people and unsuspecting folks may converse back with them for a few posts, but generally they get tired of the mirroring techniques. So although the people may not realize it is an artificial intelligent computer they get bored pretty fast. This is why more work needs to be done with Artificial Intelligent software programmers, because these systems are not good enough yet.

Sure it is a novelty and pretty cool technology when you think about it, yet it is also very silly if you think about it. If the humans get bored with it too quickly then it becomes highly ineffectual. How can we make these systems better? Right now they respond by asking questions, but in highly creative thought they cannot perform, because they never are able to answer the questions or produce relevant new information. They can't think.

If you find a person on a forum who cannot think, chances are they are not an artificial intelligent computer but, really eventually the same thing will happen, you will lose interest and leave. Dumb people and dumb artificial intelligent computers are quite similar and I would challenge the programmers to do better than this and the rest of the world to learn to think? How is that for advice on this fine day?

Monday, May 28, 2007

A Brief History of Green Computing

Do you know how much energy your computer uses? Probably not but if you do a little research to find out then you will realize how important green computing is. In fact, if you realize how much space old computers take up in landfills and haw difficult they are to dispose of then you would also appreciate the idea of green computing. These days computer recycling is of more importance than ever and everyone should do their job to help keep the environment clean. Learning a little more about protecting the environment and computer disposal is important so you can do your part for the environment.

When it comes to PC disposal you need to know everything there is to know in order to be involved in green computing. Basically, the whole green aspect came about quite a few years back when the news that the environment was not a renewable resource really hit home and people started realizing that they had to do their part to protect the environment.

Basically, the efficient use of computers and computing is what green computing is all about. The triple bottom line is what is important when it comes to anything green and the same goes for green computing. This considers social responsibility, economic viability and the impact on the environment. Many business simply focus on a bottom line, rather than a green triple bottom line, of economic viability when it comes to computers. The idea is to make the whole process surrounding computers more friendly to the environment, economy, and society. This means manufacturers create computers in a way that reflects the triple bottom line positively. Once computers are sold businesses or people use them in a green way by reducing power usage and disposing of them properly or recycling them. The idea is to make computers from beginning to end a green product.

The solution to green computing is to create an efficient system that implements these factors in an environmentally friendly way. A good example would be IT managers purchasing hardware that has been EPEAT approved meaning that maintenance is reduced, the hardware's life is extended, and makes recycling the computer easy once it is no longer necessary.

If everyone takes into account green computing then our world of computers will have as little a negative impact on our physical world as possible and that is what green computing is all about.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The ABC's of Free and Almost Free Internet Advertising

Are you trying to get the word out on the internet about your business but you have limited or no advertising funds? Try some of these ideas to get
yourself and your business noticed.

Articles- writing articles is my favorite method of free online advertising. You can create as many as you want and create a ton of links to your site. If you do a good job, you can also get them published in Ezines and create even more publicity for yourself.

Blogs- this is my second favorite method. Google loves these and they provide another way to market yourself, and offer fresh content and a way for others to provide comments.

Content- as they say on the internet, content is king. You absolutely must have useful and interesting content on your website or you might as well not bother.

Domain names- although not free, they are really cheap and having more than one gives people more than one way to find you.

Email- email is free and as long as you use it correctly and remember to include a signature line with your link to your website it can generate quite a bit of business for you.

Forums- there are thousands of these online on any topic you can imagine and actively participating in these on a regular basis will help grow your business.

Google- Google has many free tools you can use to build your business such as google adsense, google address book, site mapping and much much more.

Link exchanges- if done correctly, these can produce great results. The big secret is to exchange links only with sites which complement yours but which do not compete and to limit the number of links.

Niche marketing- target your marketing to specific niches. You can even create different websites targeted at different segments of the population.

Online contest- run a free drawing or contest with questions and watch people flock to your site.

Product swaps- consider finding companies who are interested in swapping either advertising or products.

Squidoo- this site rocks. Google loves it and so do I. You can create lenses which are part blog and part social bookmarking on any topic you want and drive traffic to your website.

Tv stations- often their websites offer some of the best free classifieds and forums around.

Yahoo instant messaging. This is free and you can make all kinds of contacts this way.

Friday, May 25, 2007

PC Windows Registry Must Be Clean - Who Cares?

I believe almost nobody cares about this. This is because almost nobody knows that his/her PC even has a registry or heard about its influences on the computer's performance. But all PC users have to care: when your computer becomes much slower than it used to be, when its performance becomes unstable, it is not because the computer is "tired" but most probably because its registry gets "dusty".

I believe almost nobody cares about this. This is because almost nobody knows that his/her PC even has a registry or heard about its influences on the computer's performance. But all PC users have to care: when your computer becomes much slower than it used to be, when its performance becomes unstable, it is not because the computer is "tired" but most probably because its registry gets "dusty".

In this article, I would like to talk about the problem of "dusting" of the PC Window registry and about the tools that can solve this problem by cleaning the registry, for example through RegistryFix by

The Windows registry is a database that contains all the information about the computer's hardware and software configurations. Incorrect install and/or uninstall processes leave wrong records in this database. So, during the computer use, the Windows registry accumulates obsolete, unnecessary, invalid information, and gradually becomes cluttered, fragmented and corrupted. As a result, the computer performance deteriorates, the system becomes unstable and the user gets lots of unknown error messages and program crashes.

Are these phenomena inevitable? Not at all! There is a lot of programs that can help. One of the best is RegistryFix. It will scan the registry and locate the entries that cause PC problems. The program will inform the user about the location of errors and the potential problems they might cause in computer functioning. Moreover, the program will fix the registry errors or restore the registry. It fixes errors related to

- ActiveX controls,

- DLL issues,

- Windows explorer errors,

- Windows installer issues,

- Internet Explorer errors,

- System32 errors,

- Runtime errors,

- Outlook and Outlook Express Errors,

- EXE errors,

- Svchost errors and a wide variety of other system problems.

The program has an easy, user friendly interface. It is very fast. So, in no time,
the RegistryFix will get rid of the bloat in the Windows registry, and the user of the Windows operation system will again achieve the top computer performance: fast, stable, tuned-up and running problem free.

The RegistryFix has until now been downloaded almost 9 million times by people in over 100 countries. Now you know what benefits and features make it so popular.
9 million users can't be wrong! You can easily "vacuum-clean" your PC Windows registry.

How Often You Reinstall Windows On Your PC? Never!

A fresh copy of windows have it's advantages: clean, fast, but are you sure you want to lose all your installed programs, documents and all updates?
It's true that if you have windows skills you can save all your programs, documents when reinstalling operating system, but this require a lot of time.
It is faster to keep your windows clean.

First of all, we need to find out which are the main reasons why we need to reinstall windows: viruses, worms and slow performance.
If your computer is connected to the internet, it is exposed to attacks, worms which trying to do bad things on your computer trough Windows vulnerabilities.

You need an anti-virus and a firewall, the best you can do is to choose a software that can be anti-virus and firewall at the same time. I recommend Kaspersky Internet Security. In this way you don't have to worry about viruses, worms and trojans.

Now, the slow performance issue. What cause your windows to start and run slow: programs installed which run on start-up. Some programs don't need to run on start-up, but such programs start some routine processes on windows start-up, but you don't need this to happen. You will need software to help you to clean windows start-up, i recommend System Mechanic, it has other tools which will help you to keep your system clean like removing unneeded entries from registry, remove junk and obsolete files. In windows start-up should be only those processes that are required for windows to work.

We are done with cleaning, but, what we can do if our windows stops working, or we do something that will cause damage to it. Well, if you go to Accessories -> System tools -> System Restore, you can turn on System restore. Whenever you install a new software, a driver or you make a change to your operating system, windows will make a backup, and if you don't like something that you made on your computer, you can just go to system restore, and restore your windows to an earlier date.

Last time i installed windows on my personal computer was 12 August 2004, and i don't have any problems. It is better than a fresh installed windows, because it have all updates, drivers and it is configured for my needs

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Internet Marketing Strategy for Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injury lawyers don't just need a brick and mortar location and a sign out front in order to get clients. In today's technological world it is even more important for a Boston personal injury attorney to have an internet marketing strategy. There are actually quite a few options for a Boston personal injury lawyer to get their website listed high in the search engines and as a result more clients. There are a lot of important ways to get a website ranked higher but the following few are some of the most important.

Original Content

One of the best ways to get a site listed quickly and highly in the search engines is to have original content and keep it updated on a regular basis. So, personal injury lawyers in the Boston area could have articles written on specific topics their clients would be interested in. For example, articles on how to file a personal injury lawsuit, how to pay for legal representation, anticipated outcome of the claim, and other similar topics would allow clients to find the answers they are looking for. Lots of times clients are visiting your website to not only find representation but to also find answers to their particular situation. If you have general content on a variety of topics that relate to your practice then you will get more hits per month and more clients as a result. Keep changing the content, rewriting it, and adding new content to keep your ranking high in the search engines.


Another way to get your website ranked high with the search engines is to have a lot of links pointing back to your website out on the Internet. One easy way to do this is to submit articles to article directories with a link to your website. Another way is to trade links with other website that complement your service but that aren't in direct competition. The more links you can get the better your website will rank because it is like a popularity contest and the more links you have the better your popularity!

If you begin incorporating original content via articles or blogs and getting a lot of links to your website out on the web it won't take too long for you to see your personal injury website really taking off in the search engines and more clients coming in the door as a result!

10 More Give Marketing Ideas

Give marketing is all about using your generous nature to bring you good fortune. It's "fortune" rather than reciprocation because you may be rewarded from someone other than you gave to - sometimes just the right person with the connections you need.

Of course, the best reward of give marketing is that it feels good to do the right thing...

Give Marketing Tip #1- Giving a Private Phone call

Meeting online is great. But some things are better discussed on the phone. If you have a lot of international friends, cut down your calls with Skype, an app that lets you make calls on a hi-speed connection through your computer. All you need is a headset and their free software. For a small fee you can even get an incoming phone number.

Give Marketing Tip #2- Giving a Teleseminar

Not all Give Marketing is about giving without knowing where the reciprocation will come from. Hold a free teleseminar where you discuss just a few tips as a demonstration of your knowledge, then upsell to a starter item. Add an affiliate program and you'll never be without visitors.

Give Marketing Tip #3- Giving a Webinar

While you can get free service for a teleseminar of up to 100 people if you're stateside, most webinars with more than ten guest will cost you a bit of change. To overcome that, record the webinar and sell it as a starter package to those who couldn't make it.

Give Marketing Tip #4- Giving a Video Demo

If you've got a way to capture screenshots, next time you have a tip to share, try creating a video instead. Once you get the hang of the software, it can sometimes be faster and more effective than a written tip. Of course, some things are better left in print, so choose wisely.

Give Marketing Tip #5- Giving a Screenshot

Almost all computers have an easy way to capture the screen, or freeware you can download to do it. Say it in pictures.

Give Marketing Tip #6- Giving a How-to

It can be in text, pictures, audio, video, or all of the above.

Give Marketing Tip #7- Giving Your Friendship

Everyone needs help or a shoulder to lean on sometimes. Make friends. It's lonely online.

Give Marketing Tip #8- Giving Thanks

Yeah, it seems obvious, but we all forget sometimes. By the way, thank you for reading my article. :)

Give Marketing Tip #9- Giving Use of Your Resources
Share and share alike. And probably get tons of links too.

Give Marketing Tip #10- Giving an Interview or an Interview Opportunity

Just because giving an interview benefits you, don't think it's not important to the other party too. And if you're the one asking for the interview, remember to be respectful of the other person's time, and be patient if something goes wrong. Just because we're online doesn't mean folks don't have lives, get sick, or have mini-disasters of their own.

Being understanding pays off way more than being a prima donna.

Give Marketing Tip #11- Giving Content or a Place to Publish Content
There will never be too many quality resources that provide or publish content.

By now, you see how this Give Marketing Thing works. You make yourself an indispensable resource, and your knowledge and service does the marketing for you.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Extreme Ways To Rocket Launch Your Internet Profits

Below are 10 ways to rocket launch your Internet profits:

1. Advertise your web site with banner ads that are
animated and include a call to action. You must grab
peoples attention and make them to click.

2. Use pop up windows or advertisements on your
web site. They grab your visitor's attention because
they jump right out at them. You will be able to
sell more to each visitor and increase your Internet

3. Buy internet business books, e-books, private site
memberships, etc. Study and learn all the new web
site promotional ideas you can.

4. Analyze all your promotional efforts. Concentrate
on the ones that work and drop the ones that don't
work. Don't waste your valuable time.

5. Get the most from each one of your visitors. Ask
them to subscribe to your e-zine, participate on your
message board, bookmark your site, etc.

6. Use text links if your banner ads are not pulling
traffic. People don't ignore text links as much as
they do banner ads.

7. Trade content with other e-zine publishers or web
sites. This is a powerful and effective way to place
your links on other targeted web sites. Your Internet
profits will soar.

8. Keep your product available to your customers
at all times. If you have to backorder it, they may
end up canceling their order.

9. Use content on your web site so people can skim
through it easily. Most people have little time so try
using lists, short tips, short articles, etc… Good,
free information will provide you with credibility and
increase your Internet profits.

10 Add a message board or chat room to your web
site. If people enjoy it, they will revisit your web
site to participate regularly.

If you follow all of the information above, you will notice, in time,
that you retain more loyal customers and increase your bottom line,
your Internet profits.

Bluetec Technology

We all appreciate what Mercedes Benz have offered its customers over
the years, and because of these specifications it has brought the
consumers back with their hats off to one of the most beautifully designed
cars of our time. Now if we thought that there was nothing else Mercedes
Benz could do, they just topped the cake with a cherry with the latest
bluetec technology.

This ground-breaking technology undoubtedly cuts the diesel emissions
down, and this makes the vehicles the cleanest diesel cars on any part
of the planet and in any category. This allows the diesel vehicles of
Mercedes to meet the strictest emission standards in the world. The air
pollution concerning the world caused by emissions from vehicles, and
the constant rising of fuel prices makes the Gelber Engel (Yellow Angel)
Award given to Mercedes Benz for Innovation extremely important.

With Bluetec Technology a number of measures are combined. These are
the engine modifications, and this reduces any untreated emissions and
the exhaust gas after a treatment services. With Bluetec Technology fuel
consumption is reduced by 20%-40% and this is comparing them to many of
the other vehicles. This also improves the range, the pulling power and
the economy of the vehicles.

Apart from the Bluetec Technology, the night-view system assisting the
Mercedes Benz has also been recognized in the award contest for
Innovation. With the mentioned night system drivers' vision is extended at
night with the help of an infrared camera and infrared beams.

This is a true addition to green cars, and with the technology from
Bluetec Mercedes Benz has made this possible. Air pollution from the
emissions of most vehicles on the roads today, Mercedes has proved to be
most popular when it comes to being nature-friendly.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Myspace: The Best and Worst Way to Drive Traffic To Your Site

Use myspace to build your online business. It is probably one of the best forms of free advertising you could get. You can find targeted leads easily by narrowing your search based on people's interests, networking categories, and myspace groups. It is the form of advertising that most sites aren't able to provide alone; that is, personal touch. When a potential customer sees that there is a real person behind a product, they are much more likely to make a purchase or sign up for your newsletter, or view your blog, etc.

It is also the worst way to promote your business. There's even rules in the TOS that tell you that you can not use myspace for commercial purposes. You can be fined up to $50 per unsolicited message you send. Spammers cover the site. If somebody takes you as a spammer, you've earned yourself a hater who just might report your account. And before you know it, the 2000 person friends-list you've built is suddenly gone when your account is banned. There is such pain and agony in building a friend list of that size. All those captcha codes, 900mb profile pages that freeze your computer, etc.

Myspace is cracking down on the spammers more and more. Last I heard, one profile is limited 500 friend requests per day. But now if you send any more than 100 you risk losing your account. Since these limits seem to change so quickly, you can forfeit your "leads" by unknowingly submitting too many bulletins per day.

So as of April, 2007, this is probably the best way to promote your business on myspace:

1. Make a profile that is personal. That means it is about you, not your business. Mention your business and site in your about me section or your blog postings. But don't make it an ad.

2. Make it obvious who you want to network with on myspace and why. And send out friend requests to the same networkers (online marketing, puppy grooming, etc).

3. Don't be selfish and blantantly promote. Share ideas.

4. Have your website linked on your page and blogs to do the selling for you.

5. Post regular blogs (which are picked up by google), or bulletins, but never post the same one twice. Use articles you've written, or somebody else's, or just write something to have people to remember you're there.

6. Be Human. Caps lock and using words like "ACT NOW" and "FREE" don't really work too well in the Personal internet realm.

7. Leave Comments regularly and respond to people who send you messages.

After a while, you can get a nice group of people who enjoy your myspace-company, and therefore hold a stronger interest in your blog, business, and website.

10 Free Ways that Giving Helps You Market for Free

If you really want to understand marketing in the Web 2.0 age without going broke, a surefire way to have a better overall comprehension is to learn the art of giving. Most Web 2.0 sites that will help you market your site will Only work if you make a conscious effort to share your resources. Think of it as networking amplified and assisted by web tools. The technical details of how to maximize social bookmarking, blogging, RSS, collaborative tools and widgets are all useless without the underlying new first rule of the Web.

In order to receive, you'll have to start out by giving. The trick is to go beyond the golden rule of doing unto others as you'd have them do unto you, into the Platinum rule of doing to others as they want to be done unto.

And if you can figure out how to anticipate needs, you've got a bigger head-start than any me-centric marketer, no matter how large their head start in experience might be.

Let's look at 10 of the free ways you can use Give Marketing to enhance your entire marketing strategy.

Give Marketing Tip #1- Giving Sincere and Useful Comments on Blogs.

Don't make the mistake of leaving a message just so you can leave your link. Build relationships.

Give Marketing Tip #2- Giving Testimonials.

Send audio and a picture, along with your most sincere praise when you've found a tool you love. Even if the tool was free. Also great as a blog topic.

Give Marketing Tip #3- Giving a Detailed, Helpful Answer in Forums

Don't forget to fill out the signature panel if the community allows. Even those that don't will allow you a profile.

Give Marketing Tip #4- Giving a Heartfelt Compliment (Anywhere Public)

Testimonials are a type of compliment, but not all compliments are testimonials. You can give a compliment without having tried a service, product, tip or tool. A compliment can be about how a site looks, ease of use, or the quality of the packaging the product comes in.

Give Marketing Tip #5- Giving a Contact

Everyone knows someone another person would like to get next to, so make a list of who you know, regardless of industry, and how you could help them by introducing to someone brilliant you've recently met. The gesture is never forgotten, and fortuitous unions often provide additional kickbacks.

Give Marketing Tip #6- Giving a Digg.

Digg is s social bookmarking system in which the participants vote on a story. If a friend is involved in a good story, submit it at

Give Marketing Tip #7- Giving a BUMP.

Digg's community are centered mostly around World News and several aspects of Technology. BUMPzee is the best of the blogging community tools like MyBlogLog and the social bookmarking of Digg mashed together in a yummy chocolate/vanilla swirl. You don't have to be a blogger to use it either, and if the community that your BUMP goes in doesn't exist, you can create it at .

Give Marketing Tip #8- Giving a Plug.

PlugIM is quickly becoming the Internet Marketer's preferred place for marketing tips and news. It has a Digg-like interface, but it's smartly niched for the huge legions of online marketers and the online Business to Business crowd. At you can expose news where all the right people will see it in two minutes flat.

Give Marketing Tip #9- Giving a Trackback or Link Back

Got a blog? Learn about Trackback, a method by which a remote blog can automatically like back to you when you reference a post of theirs. If you don't, give a link to a site you believe in.

Get to giving. It might even be fun in and of itself.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Antivirus - What is a Computer Virus?

Before understanding what a computer virus is, it is necessary to understand what a virus in when it occurs in a living form (such as a human body, an animal, or a plant).

A virus is a small organism that is only able to reproduce itself within another living cell or body. It is typically harmful to the cell or body in which it lives, and is the cause of many illnesses and diseases. The word virus comes from Latin and literally it means "poison." So basically it is a "poison," able to reproduce itself within another cell or body. An example of an illness caused by a virus is the flu.

How does this relate to computers? Well basically, a computer virus is a harmful computer program which will damage files or your computer, and which is able to duplicate and spread itself within a computer or computer network. Usually the computer virus is hidden within a program, file or document.

Criminals, or somewhat talented idiots with nothing better to do with their time, create computer viruses and spread them to other people's computers. The sole purpose of this activity is to create trouble and damage.

Similar to a common virus like the flu (which spreads from person to person), the computer virus has the ability to spread and "infect" other computers, files or documents. A computer virus can spread itself through files and documents; such as word-processing documents, spreadsheets, emails, computer programs etc. It can spread itself through the Internet and through local computer networks, as well as through removable storage devices such as memory sticks and floppy disks. Because it is hidden, it is hard to detect. It can be spread to other computers, unknowingly, by the computer user.

What exactly does a computer virus do? Well, it works similarly to viruses (like the flu) that make a person sick. A computer virus will make your computer "sick". What a virus will do to your computer depends on what it is programmed to do. Some can be very harmful, while others are made to simply annoy.

A wide variety of names have been made up, in order to describe different types of computer viruses. Some examples are as follows (you may click on these terms for a more detailed description of what they are):

Macro Viruses

Email Viruses

Trojan Horses

Understanding the basics of what viruses are is the first step to learning what to do about them, and how to be completely in control of your computer's security. I hope this information has been of use to you.

Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and How They Are Used

What is DVR? DVR is a digital video recorder and is also known as a personal video recorder. Unlike a VCR, the DVR records directly to a disk or hard drive instead of to a video tape of sorts. DVR can be found on most computer software as well as being in the form of stand-along box units for television and film.

Many television set producers are now including DVR built in to the television. This enables the viewer to capture a program or movie into the memory of the television for later viewing. The DVR also is capable of recording much longer than a VCR and is also easily erased for repeated use.

What is DVR used for? It was first used by CBS in 1965 in an effort to freeze their sports footage. This was nearly impossible with their current operating system as the frozen images were not clear. In 1985, the DVR was first introduced for in-home use, though its deubt was not widespread. Thanks to the introduction of the DVR giant TiVo, many similar products are now on the market and are widespread. The DVR tends to allow for crisper picture quality and faster search through recorded material than its VHS counterparts.

What is DVR for the average consumer? Satellite companies are now utilizing DVR by adding it directly into customers̢۪ in-home receiver boxes, enabling them to record and view television programming. Dual tuners have now been introduced in the DVR allowing viewers to watch one program while simultaneously being able to tape up to two other shows. Such recording takes place either by internally storing the program on a hard disk or by burning the program onto a DVD-RW, or a rewritable DVD.

Consumers also use them as a cost effective way for security. You can get DVR cards with up to 8 camera connections on them. This allows you to mount security cameras all around your property and record directly onto your PC. You can capture several days worth of video footage from several cameras into your DVR system on your computer.

What is DVR still used for commercially? CCTV companies also use DVR in their surveillance systems since DVR is able to record for extended lengths of time. DVR also provides a clearer picture, allowing for better quality results. It is used by banks, car dealerships, retail stores,a nd especially at mini-markets which are a prime target for crime. DVR recorder systems are helping combat crime by providing excellent images of people committing crimes. This makes it easier for law enforcement to capture the perpertrators and makes it easy to convict these peopl when the digital video recording is played back in court.

What is DVR in computer technology? DVR also exists on computers. Macintosh computers mainly utilize EyeTV software while Windows uses its Windows Media Center for the downloading and producing of its images recorded through DVR, though other operating systems are in the works as well.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Google Shakes Up The Internet Marketing World

Well, you knew this was going to happen. With the recent YouTube buyout, you had to know that Google was up to something. Sure enough, they were. Recently Google announced that they were going to change their search engine ranking system to give more weight to sites that contained video. What does this mean for Internet marketers? It means a whole new way of thinking about putting your site and sales pitch together. In this article, I'm going to go over just a few things that you're going to need to do in order to keep up with the new world that we're about to live in.

For one thing, it's now going to be very difficult to compete with sites that have exclusively relied on video, such as news sites with video feeds. They've got a big head start on most of us. Fortunately, as Internet marketers, we're not really in competition with the news sites, so that's a good thing. But we are going to be in competition with each other, so if we want to get a leg up on the other guy, we're going to have to do a few things. Like what?

Let's start with our sales pages. Gone will be the days of the static, long winded sales page that people will have to drudge their way through. You're going to have to mix in some interactive video not only to keep Google happy but to keep people interested. Perhaps have a portion of your sales message be in written copy and a portion in video. Maybe have some video testimonials. They're always great. Of course, if you're photogenic, you'll probably want to have a video of you introducing yourself on your sales page. People will relate better to you when they can see you.

What about our web pages? Well, you're going to have to figure out a way to incorporate video into those as well. Now, in some niches, this isn't going to be easy to do. The truth is, many niches won't convert well to video. For example, having a video of you explaining to somebody how to write a resource box for an article isn't going to be great entertainment. However, if you have a site that teaches people how to repair a grandfather clock, having a video of the procedure could be a great idea. You may even be the first person to do it.

This is certainly going to be an interesting time to see what marketers come up with. Thinking of well written words is one thing. Now, you'll need to get at least a minimal technical education in order to compete in the marketplace. The bar has been raised considerably and those who rise to meet that bar will see success like they never have. Suddenly, with a good video based site, your chances of ranking number one at Google will be a lot greater than they were before, even in a very competitive niche.

Yes, these will most certainly be some interesting times.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Internet Marketing – Do You Need Internet Marketing Coaching to Succeed?

Maybe that is not really the right question. Or maybe we need to define success (or succeeding) first. Maybe we need to decide what internet marketing coaching is for – and what it might mean to you.

You see, if you are diligent, and you find the right information, or you buy the right information, you can succeed online. Oh! – one more thing – you have to be willing to do the work.

You see, internet marketing is work. There are no two ways about it – it is work, and you have to be willing to do the work.

Don't let anyone con you into thinking that you can sit on the beach and your internet marketing company works for you – and you don't have to do anything. Sure, if you set things up right, you can work from anywhere in the world. There's that word work again.

And if you set things up right, you can take some time off – and if you pay somebody to do your customer service for you while you are gone, and to manage your internet marketing company, then maybe you can get away with not logging in while you are gone.

But internet marketing to succeed is work – make no mistake about it.

But I guess I have digressed.

Do you need internet marketing coaching to succeed?

Do this:

1) Define success for you. Is it $1000 a month, $10,000 a month, more? Does it even have a monetary value?

2) How fast can you get there with your current knowledge?

I was amazed one time when I mailed my subscriber list and asked them a few questions.

One was: how much money did you make last month?

Another was: how much money do you want to make last month?

I averaged them out (I had around 50 or so results, if I remember correctly).

The average person made about $100 last month. The average person wanted to make $5000 next month.

Disconnect? Yeah!

You have to be realistic. Look, if you didn't know what to do last month to make $5000, unless you learn something new this month, you aren't going to make $5000 – in fact, it is likely you won't make more than you made last month.

Maybe you do need a coach!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Internet Marketing - Beginner Fundamentals IV

Internet marketing is not that different from any other home based business. The most tangible challenge is to start. We prepare ourselves for starting by reading ebooks, going to live meetings, listening to CD's, watching DVD's, watching video online, getting ready to get ready. All this focus on education and training is great but absolutely nothing will happen until you take some action. Many of my friends have spent thousands of dollars getting ready, few of them have actually taken action.

Now I am going to borrow from Mark Joyner here a bit. By taking action I mean focused targeted action. Bringing the fives laws of Simpleology into play, the scientific formula for success and all 3 sources of power. If you do not know what I am talking about, then head over to and sign up for the simpleology 101 which is free and helps one gets not only organized but focused and productive.

For the brand new internet marketer, there seems to be an overwhelmingly large number of things which he must master immediately. Depending on whose advice he follows, he could easily spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars before he even tries to make his first sale. There are a large number of gurus who will tell you that they have the perfect X. Most of them are overpriced and incomplete. In my opinion there is one which stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Ewen Chia is a very successful internet marketer. Like most he did not start out successful but through perseverance and hard work he now is one of the best and most successful. He is strongly of the opinion that the simplest way to grow his business is to train other marketers to be successful. This is not a charity venture. He teaches people to find success at internet marketing while marketing his starter product - The Secret Affiliate Weapon. No one must market this product, but he makes it very tempting for new marketers. He provides numerous quick start, overview, and how to guides on all the subjects necessary for all successful marketing campaigns:

  • market research, product research, keyword research
  • web site creation and design including lead capture pages
  • traffic techniques both free and paid, google adwords,
  • list building techniques
  • special techniques like thank you page strategies, ppc strategies copy writing strategies, affiliate recruitment strategies,
  • and much more

He uses SAW as his example often as he demonstrates the who, what, why, where and how of the various concepts and strategies. Then in addition to his generic training he provides the tools necessary to market SAW specifically. He provides:

  • sample solo ads for ezines
  • sample emails for your optin list
  • ppc ads
  • keywords for ppc campaigns
  • keywords for article campaigns
  • lead capture page
  • sales letter
  • autoresponder email messages
  • two ebooks branded with your information
  • 4 module video series about web creation again branded with your information,
  • and much more.

In summary, he tells you how to do it for any affiliate program or your own product. Then he gives you all the tools necessary to do it for his membership program - Secret Affiliate Weapon. One would think that a one time fee to this membership program would be a least $100, if not more. I see much less comprehensive programs in my inbox monthly for $47, $97 even $197 dollars. I am not trying to be a smartaxx here, but his price of $9.97 is ridiculous in consideration of what he delivers. That one reason why he is consistently ranked near the top in popularity at Clickbank every month and it is why his organization continues to grow.

Someone smarter than me said that if you want to get what you desire, show everyone else how to get what they desire. Ewen must have been listening. Every new internet marketer I have met wants to make some sales. If they promote Secret Affiliate Weapon for Ewen, then their first sale is a no brainer at the price of $9.97.

Again, take action if you want something to happen in your internet marketing business. Ewen Chia is one source of information. He is also a means by which one could start a customer list. Take action or nothing can happen.

Cool Electronic Gadgets

Advances in information technology and innovation in electronics in the recent years have given rise to a slew of entertaining electronic devices. From I-Pods to digital cameras, and from cell phones to lap tops, cool gadgets keep getting introduced one after the other.

The market is always flooded with objects of desire such as the Nike + I-Pod which combines the utility of a portable music player with that of a pedometer. Actually, they are two devices that joggers and runners have used for ages. But the fusion of the devices has brought together the functions to create a product that is far more advanced than an ordinary pedometer or the regular I-Pod.

Considered as essential things in the present day are handheld electronic gadgets and the trend is not one that will fade so easily. The only electronic thing of multi-utility that you find is not a cell phone. There are plenty of new gizmos that are catching up with passing time and these comprise digital organizers, GPS receivers and digital cameras. Once upon a time they used to be high-price luxury items but if you see today, they have come to be the minimal equipment for the common man. There is a variety to choose from out of the new arrivals in electronic gadgets as well as high-tech standbys.

The busy bodies and the men on constant move never tire of feeling lucky about the Blackberry that frees them from the binding of being present in their office and helps them keep their commitment towards friends and family, though there are others who curse it for making work intrude upon their moments of leisure by constantly keeping them in touch with their business associates.

Take it or leave it, but the electronic revolution is here to stay and you have an option either to get hooked or remain cut off from the mainstream, and let the world pass by you.

It's about making the statement that you have arrived for changing with times and trends, getting the best from modern world and not allowing others to get the competitive edge over you.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Online DVD Rentals - How Computer Internet Technology Has Transformed the Way People Rent DVDs

If you thought that the only way to rent DVDs was to head down to the local Blockbuster or Hollywood Video, you'll be in for a nice surprise. Thanks to the ease and comfort of the Internet, you can now rent DVDs online from companies such as Netflix, Intelliflix and even Blockbuster Online.

One of the features of renting DVDs online is the pricing structure. If you rent a DVD from a popular brick-and-mortar store, you can expect to pay about $6 per movie, including taxes. One of the most popular plans offered by these online DVDs rental services is a $17.99 plan which lets you rent out 3 DVD's at a time with no limits on how many you rent per month.

Consider the fact that if you rent just 3 DVDs per month, then you already get your full money's worth, but the reality is that you can rent as many movies as you want for the same flat rate. Plus, with no extra fees such as shipping, and the time and gas you save, it's almost a no-brainer to set up an account with one of these online DVD rental services. As an added bonus, all of these services offer a free trial where you can give it a try. If you don't like it, then simply cancel your account within the trial period, and it won't cost you a cent.

Renting DVDs online is very easy to do. Just use your home computer and Internet connection: log onto your account and browse through all the available movies. All of the online DVD rental services make the navigation simple to use and understand. Most of the movies are grouped into categories such as Drama, Comedy, Action, Foreign and New Releases so you can browse through hundreds of titles within minutes. There's usually a review of each film also so you can get a preview of what the plot is about. Then all you do is simply place every movie you want to watch into your "to view" list. Within a couple business days, they will ship the DVDs at the top of the list to your home.

Another convenience is that there are no late fees associated with these online DVD rental services. You keep each DVD for as long as you want, until . Once you return the DVD back in the return envelope, simply wait a day or two for it to clear your queue and the next movie on your list will be delivered.

I have tried both Netflix and Blockbuster Online and I can honestly testify that these online DVD rental services are a great deal (though I give Blockbuster a slight edge). I have caught up on hundreds of movies in the past couple of years. Also, they rent TV show DVD's so I've been able to catch up on many TV shows as well. The $14.99 I currently pay per month for my service is simply an outstanding value.

Give it a chance and I bet you'll also find it superior to the old way of renting DVDs. Remember, if you're not feeling sure about online DVD rentals, there's usually a free trial where you can check it out risk free.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wireless Network Diagram

Wireless network is a term most often used to describe telecommunications network with nodes that are interconnected without the use of wires although technically a wireless network is any network that is wireless. Wireless telecommunications networks may also be referred to as computer networks which are a type of telecommunications network.

Normally an information transmission system which uses electromagnetic waves (radio waves for example) to carry information is installed for use with wireless telecommunications networks. When looking at a wireless network diagram this usually describes the physical level of the network

A wireless LAN (local area network) is a specific type of wireless network. Like other wireless devices, wireless LANs use radio waves to transmit data packets to and from computers on the network instead of wires.

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) networks are split into three major subsystems: the switching system, the base station system, and the operation & support system. Most cellular services use GSM to operate their cell phone networks. GSM works by connecting the cell phone to the base system station which in turn connects to the operations and support station. Then is connects to the switching station and the call is transferred to its final destination.

As long ago as World War II, wireless networks were making a significant impact on the world. Wireless networks were used to transmit information overseas and behind enemy lines as a method of quick and reliable communication. Wireless technology continued to evolve over the next several decades until it exploded in recent years most notably in the cellular phone industry.

One benefit of wireless networks we can all appreciate is the elimination of the need for cords and cables that get all tangled up and hard to unravel. The trade off is that wireless communication can be more easily blocked or interfered with than when wires and cables are used to transmit data.

Another possible issue with wireless networks is compatibility. Components manufactured to different specifications may not work well together kind of like a Chevrolet engine isn't likely to be compatible with a Mercedes Benz. A car is not a car in this case and the same holds true for wireless network components. Compatibility issues in wireless networks can be largely avoided by using components made by the same manufacturer.

In terms of Internet connections, wireless networks are usually a bit slower than networks directly connected with an Ethernet cable. In many cases, the difference in speed is negligible and may only be noticed when streaming video files are downloading large files. Wireless technology has developed to the point where it is quite simple and inexpensive to have a wireless network up & running if you'll just follow the directions shown on the wireless network diagram.

Marketing Your Amazon aStore

Researching some stories for my new news website eWizy I found some highly ranked Amazon aStore's. These Amazon aStores were all on major search engines and all well ranked. After a little research I have discovered how this was achieved and in this short article I will show how to effectively market your Amazon aStore, I will be using Amazon UK but this will work for all Countries.

First we need to sign up or sign in to our Amazon associates page so off to your local Amazon scroll down until you see "Associates" on the left hand side and login or register. Next we need to decide what our aStore is going to be about?

Now we need to be sure there are enough products on Amazon to fill our aStore so do a quick search on your chosen product set / store theme within Amazon.

Great we have products and we know what our aStore is going to be about, now the most important bit, naming your aStore. To help clarify things I have created an aStore selling the Apple mac mini which I will be using to guide you. Choosing the name of your aStore is all important because it needs to be your main keyword in my case "Mac mini".It's a good idea to make a list of names in order of preference in case your first choice name (Keyword) is unavailable.

Ok we have our aStore subject, products found and aStore name discovered lets see if it is available, go back to your Amazon associates page click "aStore" in the left hand menu and then click the "Add an aStore" button last click on the "Add a new Tracking ID" hyperlink and enter your chosen name into the box, if its not available choose another from your list and keep going until you find one.

At last we can create our aStore click the continue button and follow the instructions on screen populate your store with categories and products ensuring they are relevant to your main keyword (your aStore name) add some custom text to each category and even to the products, make sure it's all relevant to your keyword.

I found these two aStores ranking very highly, one about Paris Hilton and for the more cultured among you, one for the legendary cellist Mstislav Rostropovich ok so Rostropovich may not be the most popular search in the world but Paris Hilton is pretty good going I think. Personally I would stick to things you can sell whilst Paris Hilton may be searched a lot I think you could make lots more money using a good product keyword.

Last but certainly not least you need to get the spiders round there are many ways to do this, writing an article such as this is one way, another is to link from an existing established website using your keyword as the anchor text. The Amazon domain name that forms part of your aStore URL should carry plenty of weight and help your site rise through the search rankings.

I have made a few Apple UK related aStores now as well as the mac mini one featured above I have macbook pro, iPod video, iPod nano and iPod shuffle aStores. Why apple? I hear you ask, I am writing this on my macbook pro and that's what inspired me to create the Apple computer aStores. It is early days as far as revenue is concerned but I am confident they will make a fortune and you can to.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Internet Marketing Seminar Workshop - Power Success Marketing

Did you know that you can produce millions of hits per month devoid of any charge You can also send millions of correspondence to your outlook patrons effortlessly. These are just a couple of the many things that will be discussed during the Power Success Marketing seminars. At a Power Success Marketing seminar, you will be taught how to make full use of your income and gain patrons in a cost effective way.

Web trade just like an offline trade has to deal with legalities. Many people found their online trade devoid of considering the laws involved in it. here are Internet laws and international laws. Owners need to be aware of these laws to make certain that their trade is officially permitted It also helps you build up a good connection with your customers and outlook trade cohorts Big seminars will aid you in this area as well.

Success stories of common place people who gave up their workplace job to found their undertaking into online promotion are also among the places of interest of Power Success Marketing seminars. In such seminars, people got their failures and accomplishment stories. You will be taught a lot from these and can use others' accomplishment stories for motivation to fuel your own outlook accomplishments.

This is just to give you a preview of what Power Success Marketing seminars are like. The accomplishment of an online trade depends on the promotion and packaging of products and services. And these promotion and packaging strategies can be be taught by Power Success Marketing seminars.

If you want to turn into wealthy and victorious in your online career, do not hesitate. Start going Power Success Marketing seminars now. Attend seminars hosted by the most trustworthy marketers. If you implement the strategies you be taught during these seminars into your trade you will surely reap the payback.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Master Ezines for Massive Traffic

E-zine advertising is one of the most cost effective ways to drive massive amount of traffic to your website. E-zines are one of the things that the Internet has provided for just ordinary people that the print media never did get right. Today magazines that you buy (if you do) at your local news stand are mostly filled with full page advertisements for products that you could care less about and that have no bearing on your life or your wants or needs... they are just advertisements. If you can find articles in them, at all, they are sandwiched between page-after-page of advertising.

People have come to love E-zines. They publications come to them on their computers and are directly related to their lives and the things that they are interested in. The advertisements that are in the E-zines are directly related... they do not have to wade through pages of advertisements for denture adhesive and wheel toys to find and read about what they are interested in and what concerns them.

E-zine publishers are trusted by their subscribers. They have built reputations for being in touch with their readers needs and have proven that they can deliver timely information that their readers can actually use to solve their problems, meet their needs, make them look better or feel better, and answer their questions.

To find E-zines that have topics related to your website topic or to the products that you sell, you can look through E-zine directories online. Just type the words, "E-zine directories" into the search box of your favorite search engine. Another way to find E-zines that relate to your product is to type your key words into the search box followed by the word "E-zines." You will get a lot of search results no matter what your topic is. There are E-zines that are dedicated to just about every topic under the sun.

Because E-zine advertising is so reasonable, you can probably place advertisements in more than one and still stay well within your budget limit of thirty dollars ($30) for this ten day period.

E-zine advertising allows you to reach thousands of people...and not just any people... but the people who are most likely to become your customers. Remember that the idea here is not just to create website traffic...the idea is to create targeted website traffic by the thousands. Getting an advertisement into the hands of those people who are looking for a product or service that will solve their problem will drive them to your website in search of it if your product or service fits the bill.

It terms of effectiveness, as well as, efficiency, advertising in E-zines is the top contender for the number one spot in both. An E-zine that is sent to thousands of your best prospects will most assuredly be effective and having your advertisement sent to thousands of your potential customers for a one time cost of only a few dollars and a few minutes of your time is certainly efficient.

Most advertising venues available on the Internet are fiercely competitive.

For example; when you place PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisements on the search engines, you are competing with every other marketer in the universe who is selling the same or very similar items. You are competing with thousands of others for the same limited market share. Some of these competitors will have pockets that are a lot deeper than yours, too.

Advertising in E-zines is far less competitive than most other advertising methods.

E-zine advertising has the advantage of some staying power. E-zines are almost always archived and people frequently refer to past issues of E-zines when they are searching for information. As a matter of fact, archived E-zines are one of the most used research tools on the Internet. When you place an advertisement in an E-zine that is dedicated to a topic that directly relates to your product or service, you can think of it as advertising to future potential customers, as well, making it an even bigger advertising bargain.

The bigger and better E-zine directories will list the circulation number for each E-zine. Right now you need to choose two that have a circulation of about 10,000 subscribers each. Be aware that the larger the circulation, the greater the advertising cost will be. However, the cost is still very reasonable. The cost per line of advertising can be as low as $5 per line or as expensive as $25 dollars per line.

If you choose two E-zines with circulations of 10,000 people, the cost for an advertisement in both of them will be about $15 each... which totally blows your $30 budget for now. When you see just how effective E-zine advertisement turns out to be, you may want to route more of your advertising budget into it.

Write your advertisement being as efficient as you can with the words. Do not waste line space on words like "great, fantastic, wonderful, exciting, etc." Make every word of your limited words point people directly to your website and to your product.

Publishers of E-zines have permission to send email to their subscribers. You do not have that permission and even if you had the subscriber list, it would be illegal for you to email these potential customers about your product, service or website. You would be guilty of sending SPAM...which is certainly not a good thing. By placing an inexpensive advertisement with an E-zine you are, in effect, sending advertisements by email to your best prospective customers and getting targeted traffic to your website at the same time. You are also advertising to your most likely customers without being guilty of sending SPAM. It is a win/win situation and a rather inexpensive way to win twice.

Spend the thirty dollars ($30) that you have allotted for E-zine advertisement wisely. If you believe that it would be better to advertise in only one E-zine that has a huge circulation rather than advertising in two that have smaller circulations, do so.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Internet Marketing Profit - What Does It Take to Consistently Overdeliver to your Customers?

In one word: do it better. And overdelivery does not mean just more. It means better. It means giving people more than they expect.

On several of my download pages, in addition to the product they bought from me, there are as many as five additional free gifts. They are not advertised, I have not used them to sell my list…they are just there as something extra. That means a lot to people. I don't have to do it, but I do.

On my most popular opt in list, I tell people that I will give them a free gift for opting in. I give them 2 or 3 on the first email alone, and then about 7 or 8 in the next 3 weeks. They asked for one free gift, and they get around 10 free gifts. And that is without taking any additional action – they don't have to buy anything to get that!

That is overdelivery.

Another thing about overdelivery is that no matter how free something is, if it is worth nothing, it is not really free. Think about this…nothing you have is really free. You are getting their email and name in the exchange. And there is a very specific value to every name and email you collect. You should know what that number is, by the way.

So they are paying for their free gift with their name and email address. So if you send them junk – you have cheated them, you have stolen from them.

The point is driven home for me when someone sends me a jv request to promote some $10 or $7 ebook. They send me an evaluation copy so I can decide if I want to promote it for them. Almost everyone I have to turn down. Why do I say "Have to turn down"? Because there is less information in the $10 or $7 ebook than I have in my free ebooks! I wouldn't give away a lot of the stuff people want to sell!

THAT, my friend, has to be your standard of quality. You must over deliver, your free stuff must be worth money, the things you sell must be worth more than you get for them, and you should even add value to that by using additional bonuses.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Learn How To Search For Your Dvd Media Online Efficiently

These days it's hard to know when you made the right technology purchase online until it appears before a door and have tried it. The same goes when you're trying to purchase your DVD media online. Actually it's even harder if you are purchasing DVD products because there are so many available and although they all may seem good you can be assured that some of them are pretty bad. Looking only at the price may not be the best way of buying you DVD products so you should look also at how you want to burn a DVD, what kind of DVD burner you need and of course which DVD R media would be best with your DVD burner. You'll also need a software to use your DVD, do you know how to look for one?

If you're lazy like me, you will definitely look for a software that requires almost no steps. Something like 1 click DVD softwares which will basically require you to select the file you want to burn, name it and burn it. There are even more professional DVD burning software if you intend to use them professionally. Examples of good burning softwares would be Nero and Easy Media Creator. These are minor and the leading software of the industry and they are pretty well priced for what they're worth. Next you will have to determine what DVD burner you may want to use for software.

There are two main criteria it's choosing a DVD burner other than price. The first one would be speed. With DVD burners fast up to 20X, you could burning stringy fasten save up a lot of time or go with a slower burner and spend maybe five or 10 minutes more but save maybe $20-30. The second criteria is the DVD R media that are compatible with your burner. In most cases you will use a DVD-R disc to burn your data. What if you needed another DVD R media?

DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, HD DVD and I'm probably forgetting some, do you know which one you need? there's only a small difference between every DVD R media that having an incompatible DVD disc will make it impossible for you to burn your data or you'll get a lot of errors on your DVDs. The following are simple definitions are DVD types you'll guarantee yourself that you make the right choice when searching for a DVD media. After working hard you'll want to see the fruits of your labor.

The right DVD player software can go a long way for you. Not because you saved on it but because you get to see your movie with optimal sound and image. There are free versions available but also paid versions so where's the difference? For example there are a lot more convenience features with the paid version and of course some additional improvement features exclusive to paid DVD software versions so going with the free version might not be your optimal choice.

Although quality among DVD media products may be similar prices can vary by a lot for just an additional feature so it's important for you to know more in order to be able to narrow down your search for the right DVD products. It's even easier when you're searching for a DVD media online because you can easily compare products from different companies in the comfort of your seat. You have an edge, you know what you want and you can compare everything so take advantage of it.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Tokyo Homeless Lives in Internet Cafe

Tokyo - Although has a job do not mean has house, internet cafe becomes a choice than living in hotel or rents a house. That it's new urban life style?

The new life style this time is infects certain worker in Tokyo, Japan. With above average living cost, Tokyo is one of high cost city in the world. It is not surprised if many workers are difficult to fulfill the primary requirement.

Can be say there is two homeless types in Tokyo. In one groups is homeless which really having no house to stay and money, while on the other side is homeless which having a job but insufficient to have residence.

Like reported by Reuters, a lot of second type homeless choose to end the night in internet cafe than renting a hotel room. "Cheaper than hotel, there is internet access and hundreds of comic book. There even a microwave and bathroom," says Takeshi Yamashita, a Tokyo freelance worker.

The Group like Yamashita is nicknamed freeter, from words free (free of charge) and arbiter (worker). They it is said born as result of economics crisis which punching Japan in 1990 era.

Government of Japan, through People Prosperity Ministry, informed plans to analyze more deeply about "cyber homeless". Estimated that freeter was citizen member with 20 years old average age and only applies internet cafe as a temporary solution before moving to more permanent residence.

So surely can be say there is two homeless types in Tokyo. In one groups is homeless which really having no house to stay and money, while on the other side is homeless which having a job but insufficient to have residence.

How To Make Money From Your Website With Almost No Traffic

A long, long time ago there were so few websites that almost any site could get traffic as soon as it got indexed.

That was then. This is now.

You can spend hours, days, weeks or months on your website. You can get crawled by the search engines but getting a real human visitor to visit your site, let alone spend money when they reach it. Dream on!

So what do you do?

You don't want to waste those precious hours you've already spent on your site.

For starters, you need to treat each and every visitor like royalty. If their first reaction to your site is to press the back button on their browser then you need to tweak the design. Chances are that your web stats program will give you this information - how many pages they viewed, how long they stayed.

It's in these stats that the gold lies.

Check the keyword phrases that your visitors used to find your site. They will be really specific phrases. Such as "old mexican silver coins" rather than "coins". Build on this. If your visitor was keen enough to type more than a couple of words into a search engine then they were really serious about finding information. Give them more of that information (which in itself will increase your traffic). Sell them something relating to what they were searching for.

For instance, on the phrase above you wouldn't want to waste that traffic for a few cents from an Adsense click. These people are likely to be buyers! Find an affiliate program and give them a reason to click through to it so they can quench their thirst for buying the product. With the added bonus that you'll get commission as well.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Secrets To Making Easy Money Online Anytime You Want - Using Just Email!

If you have been researching ways to make money online, or are already making some cash, then you would know that 'the money is in the list'. I swear if I get a pound every time I read that phrase, my bank account would be flooded to the brim now!

You see, it is true. Having a mailing list that you can mail out offers anytime is like having the license to print money on demand. It is not a myth.

Having a huge mailing list means you can send an offer to them, and within hours, receive orders in your account. So if you're not building your mailing list, start doing so as soon as possible!

So how do you build your list? Simple, by giving prospects a free incentive. You need an incentive for people to opt-in to your mailing list.

An incentive can be a free report, a free membership or free software. You can create a free report easily in just a day if you put your mind to it. Or you can acquire software with giveaway rights.

Another easy way to create an incentive is to call it an email course. You can send automatic follow-ups of your course over a period of say, 7 days.

Make sure you create a really good incentive, sign up for a good autoresponder service like Get Response or Aweber, and then start marketing it like crazy.

A mailing list is the most important asset in ANY online business, so build one today!

How To Sale Digital Products?

Internet marketing can conduct with sale other corporate products. Digital product is frequently sale in Internet. Usually, after make payment, customer can directly to web page to deliver the product and download it. So many peoples become rich from digital products selling via Internet. There are 4 elements in digital product business. These elements are your digital products, your website, Your payment vendor and customer. One important think is customer support by your or your team.

Digital product that you can sale like picture, e-book, software, learning process, tutorial, e-course, consultation, multimedia and others digital products. This is including digital services to support various Internet activities and customer must pay your services.

For beginner level in Internet marketing, you can sale your e-book like cooking recipe of your family, nice picture collection taken by you, e-book that you as author, resale right e-book, or your own software that you build self. Usually, beginners will sale public domain like holy book, regulation collection, expired right book and etc. As long as, you are not break the law, you can sale anything in the internet. Below some step to sale your own digital products:

1. Create your domain name and hosting. Pay it for annual for simple.

2. Create your digital product. If you create e-book you choose PDF format to serve your customer. But, nowadays, so many vendor sale e-book processing software and you try and buy it.

3. Another type of digital product must appropriate with internet tradition.

4. Develop your web called by pitch page. This page to description your product contain what is your product, what is benefit will get by customer, how to use it, how to update, what advantage if compare with similar products, who will support your product and how to buy?

5. Select your payment vendor like paypal, clickbank, Authorize, CCBill, Braincash, 2checkout, e-gold, etch. Ask the vendor payment what your country can make transaction. This is important because if customer makes payment and you need to withdraw your money, they will give your money.

6. Sign-up payment vendor selected and get link procedure of payment including logo of payment.

7. Set-up your payment and product in payment vendor website.

8. Descript all your data in their form properly. This is important to smooth your transaction process.

9. Upload your website and your digital products.

10. Promote your product with online way and offline to support your web. You can read my article about this.

So, you can sale anything in website as long as not break the law. Digital form will easy to used by people especially internet minded people to support their task. Of course your product must have benefit for task, hobbies, career or anything else. This tips very simple but very useful to you. You must find information about this and I will support you in internet business as long as I can do that. May god bless you. Thank you. []

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

10 Not-So-Quick-But-Still-Important Ways to Increase Conversions

There are literally thousands of signals that can be changed to improve one's conversion. Today I give 10, but they are not quite as easy to implement as those on the first list. They are none-the-less still important! These are in no particular order.

1. Give your self a voice

Don't settle for corporate-speak or a boring factual presentation on your website. Give yourself a unique voice, one that resonates with your visitors. Having such a voice helps set you apart from everybody else. This is especially significant if you are in an industry that sells products that can easily be purchased at any number of other outlets. What makes your products better? Well, perhaps nothing, but your unique voice can make the difference between a site like all the rest and one that stands out.

2. Build a Site Map

This one isn't particularly difficult unless you have a large site, in which case a site map can be very time consuming to create and keep up to date. Even more so if you are constantly updating, adding or removing pages from your site. But it's these larger sites that can benefit from the site map the most. You might even consider creating a script that automatically updates your site map page(s) daily, weekly or monthly, keeping your site map current and up to date.

Site maps are a great way to provide your visitors with easy access to all of the pages on your site. Think of it as a table of contents that allows the visitors to turn right to each page with a single click. Providing these clickable contents can help lost visitors quickly and easily find the information they came for without having to go through multiple layers of navigation. The sooner you get your visitors to the right information, the more likely you are to get a conversion.

3. Have an excellent in-site search feature

Having a "search this site" feature can work both for or against you, depending on how well it works. The key here is in the word "excellent". If your in-site search is not excellent in the most spectacular sense of the word, you're better off not having one at all. Time after time I've gone to websites and had their in-site search produce zero results for a product I know they have. This is just bad.

If your search cannot produce relevant results 100% of the time then it's causing you to lose sales. It's a simple as that. You're far better off having your visitors navigate to your products through navigation or the site map than risk the possibility that the in-site search misleads them.

Other things that are important in an excellent in-site search feature is for it to be able to produce relevant results when searching for products you don't actually carry. If a search is for a specific product but you carry one comparable, that comparable product needs to be delivered in the search results. Similarly, misspelled searches need to deliver the correct results as if the search we performed properly.

The number of potential sales sites lose because of poor in-site search is astronomical. If visitors get zero results, they're gone to find a site that does have what they want. Why lose them when you could have otherwise gotten the sale?

4. Fix your checkout process

I've never seen a checkout process that doesn't need to be fixed. How much just depends on how bad yours is, but there are always improvements that can be made.

You want to make sure that your checkout process includes as few steps as possible for the visitor. Every click visitors are forced to make to check out creates an opportunity for the visitor to abandon the cart completely. Streamline your checkout process by reducing forms to fill out, adding calls to action, placing related products in strategic locations for up-selling and whatever else you can do to make ordering easier.

5. Follow-up

Communication is they key to a successful business. If you're letting leads fall by the wayside then you're throwing money away. Follow up has many forms, return phone calls, follow-up phone calls, follow-up emails, auto-responders and confirmation emails are a few. Each of these must be constantly analyzed for effectiveness to ensure they are being used to their best potential.

Little things such as automated confirmation emails can make the difference to a prospective customer. What you say and how you say it gives them a lot of information on what kind of company you are. Follow-up will help visitors determine whether they want to do business with you or not.

6. Privacy policy

Does anybody read the privacy policies on the web? Who cares! They may not read it but they want to know that you are going to take their privacy seriously. Not only should you construct a decent privacy policy but you should link to it from every form on your website. This lets visitors know that you care about their privacy and that by submitting this form that you'll be protecting their information. They believe this, even if they don't read it! It's all about giving assurances.

7. At-a-glance understanding of what you do

When a visitor comes to your home page is it easy for them to figure out what you do? If not, something is wrong. Some industries are more difficult to understand than others but that doesn't matter, you need to be able to quickly explain to anyone who visits your site what it is that you do and the benefits your products or services provide.

You may think that only industry knowledgeable people come to your site but you're wrong. Those people may be your primary audience and where your sales come from, but inevitably you'll get traffic from potential prospects that don't know the industry jargon they way you do. Don't speak over their heads. It doesn't take much to use layman's terms without speaking down to your primary audience. And regardless who you're speaking to, if it takes a visitor more than a couple of seconds to discern what you do then you've lost them.

8. Structured navigation

All too often navigation bars are nothing more than a list of links to various pages. Even if your navigation links to all your important pages, an unstructured navigation system will make it much harder for your visitors to find what it is they came looking for. Just about every site can be broken down into various sections. Information about the company goes in one section, information about products and services in another. If you have multiple categories of products then these need to be separated as such.

Implementing a structured navigation makes it that much easier for visitors to quickly find the pages that are most interesting to them. The less they have to think (and search) the better.

9. Consistent formatting

Putting aside home pages that are meant to look different from the rest of the site's internal pages, you should have consistent formatting of all your pages throughout your site. Your header, navigation and footer should all be consistent. The worst thing you can do is to have constantly changing site formatting from one page to the next. This creates confusion and ultimately looks hodge-podge. Visitors need consistency that allows them to rely on information being in the same place and looking relatively the same regardless of what page of your site they are on. That consistency ensures they can easily find what they want.

10. Add unique product information

Many who sell products get their product descriptions from the manufacturer. There's nothing wrong with using this information but you're far better off creating or adding your own unique information to those products. Don't just pull the information as-is. This goes back to #1, create your own voice. Using canned descriptions certainly won't accomplish that. Give your descriptions a personal touch, talk about things you feel are particularly unique or useful that you think your visitors might like to know about. The more unique information you provide the more you set yourself apart from all the rest.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A Ridiculously Simple Way To Make Easy Money Online - Even If You're Dead Broke!

I'm going to show you today a fool-proof system to making money online. In fact, you could be seeing money in your account within minutes.

As you may know, forums are a great way to get free traffic. Many entrepreneurs have reported that they have used forums to jumpstart their businesses and make their thousands or even millions online.

There are two ways to profit from forums:

1) Advertise your affiliate link or your own business

2) Gain backlinks so the search engines will fall in love with your site

This is all done through the simple, innocuous signature at the bottom of your posts. You can easily post 500 posts a day on a topic related to your choice and promote your affiliate link or gain backlinks. If you don't see results, I'll be baffled.

Here's how it's done...

You find forums related to your niche. You set up a signature in your control panel (this is pretty easy to do). If it's for your affiliate link, it needs to be enticing. Have a strong headline and a call to action. Bold it or decorate your signature with Italics. If it's for gaining backlinks, getting the link in there will suffice.

Do note however that you need to post relevant and useful content. Don't ever spam the forums; you'll only get yourself kicked out. Ask useful questions and try to build a rapport with some of the members. This will make your time in the forum more useful and entertaining. It's a way of killing two birds with one stone.

Will Green Peace Go After Microsoft Like they Attacked Apple Computers?

If Microsoft moves towards web based software applications, then so too will Google and others. Yet in doing so this might get many people to ditch their computers for newer versions. This worries some environmentalists and perhaps you might recall the environmental groups attacked Apple Computers in the media recently calling them evil.

If computers become inexpensive will they become disposable, some say yes? If so will they fill up the junk yards? I guess now that Apple settled with the angry ELF, Sierra Club, Green Peace environmental hypocrites (that was opinion - duly noted), that might be a play against Google and Microsoft. Although remember that Microsoft is partnered with companies like Dell and HP and remember both those companies are hot on the environmental trail too.

Besides, Microsoft does not make computers, they make software and think of all the CD ROM Jewel Cases that will not be thrown out, or all the Computer Manuals also online? Think of all the Trees that are no longer cut down due to Gate's concept of the Digital Nervous system?

Now if the Government would follow his lead, think how many trees will be saved then? Microsoft has very smart people, such an attack by environmentalists would bounce off and give them a reason to come out smelling like a rose on the Vista looking out the Window to the world. As for Google, it would be hard to accuse them of being anti-environmental.

Will used computers, Screens, keyboards, USB ports, mouses and touch pads be littered across the beaches of the world? My gosh that was some harsh imagery. Well, please, kids can use all these parts to make robots. And recycling can be the same as mining. Right now you cannot walk on many beaches due to beer bottles, paper products, plastic garbage or flying toilets in some places already. Think about it.